Vibeo Messenger to Create Global Map of Crypto Services

Vibeo Messenger to Create Global Map of Crypto Services

The Vibeo ICO – a project setting out to create what it hopes will be the world’s first mass adoption cryptocurrency-based messenger app – has announced its intention to incorporate a GPS-based location finder for crypto services within the vicinity of the application’s users. 

“The purpose is to offer a worldwide decentralized map with all the shops/merchants/hotels that accept crypto-currencies,” explains Eric Dechaux, CEO and founder of the Vibeo project.

Multiple Wallets

Leveraging Gotakimaps – an Ethereum blockchain-based mapping service created in 2016 and designed to act as a more accessible alternative to traditional global mapping solutions such as Google Maps – Vibeo has already incorporated the feature into its MVP, currently available for both iPhone and Android. 

The Bulgarian project has now adopted a number of growth hacking marketing strategies to incentivise adoption of the app. Users who introduce other users – including merchants – to the platform receive rewards in the form of VBEO token, the platform’s native cryptocurrency, which will serve as a payment medium. 

However, the project’s engineers are also planning to work with another external provider, Edge Secure, in order to incorporate both Bitcoin and Ethereum as native wallets in future iterations of the app – planned for its post ICO phase – to ensure more general adoption.