meVu P2P Betting

The meVu project is creating a platform that will offer the world's first P2P online betting experience - users create their own markets through voluntary arrangements with other users, all faciliated by the MVU token which serves as the medium of exchange.

FlipNpik Social Media

FlipNpik is a blockchain-based collaborative social media platform that is tailored for local businesses.

BAANX Financial

The world’s first Cryptobank network, serving as a platform for the rapid adoption of crypto banking services by traditional businesses.

Mobu Security Tokens

We are building a platform which seeks to offer a series of streamlined services for companies which wish to perform a security token-based ICO.

Bitmillex Finance

Bitmillex is a UK-based operation that is currently building a next generation cryptocurrency platform.

ClinTex Pharmaceuticals

Blockchain-powered clinical trial management that utilises AI, data analytics and machine learning to lower the cost of new medicines and increase speed of delivery to market.

Codex Protocol Art & Collectibles

Codex Protocol is a decentralised title registry providing provenance solutions for art, antiques, collectibles and other high value goods which need to demonstrate authenticity of origin.

Connecty Research & Development

Aiming to become the world's single point-of-access knowledge marketplace to marry up innovators and specialists within the field of Research & Development.

CryptoCarz VR Gaming

CryptoCarz is an upcoming project that seeks to combine blockchain technology, VR and gaming as a platform for the creation of prized digital collectible racing cars which gamers can customise, race and trade.

Loomia Smart Apparel

Loomia is a start-up with an already-existing revolutionary product - a weightless textile fabric with micro-circuitry that converts fabrics into smart clothing. Our token sale will finance the next stage of our expansion.

MEDIA Protocol Media

MEDIA Protocol redistributes power from existing media owners – third-party intermediaries that disproportionately benefit from the exchange of content and centralised distribution platforms – to media creators, publishers and consumers. MEDIA Protocol provides the data publishers need, the reward creators deserve and the relevance consumers desire.

Open Enterprise Logistics (OEL) Global Logistics

The Open Enterprise Logistics (OEL) Foundation is a non-profit organisation providing governance and resources for the development of the OEL blockchain ecosystem. The OEL ecosystem comprises the open-source OEL Enterprise Architecture, OPN Token and members of the OEL Alliance. All designed to enhance the global logistics management supply chain.

ORCA Finance

ORCA is setting out to integrate traditional and crypto financial services into one simple, intuitive platform.

Orvium Scientific Publishing and Research

Open and transparent science patronage, research, validation and publication powered by blockchain.

RainCheck Retail

RainCheck provides an online-to-offline (O2O), commerce platform on the Stellar blockchain that allows retail brands to both track and influence online product discovery to in-store sales. They also offer card-linking (debit & credit), where people can add offers, loyalty points or cash-back to any debit or credit payment card. The main difference is that they can do this at SKU level not just at the merchant level.

Skyllz Recruitment

Skyllz is an innovative new approach to skills evaluation and professional networking, exploiting the inherent properties of the blockchain to construct a secure, transparent and token-based platform that will revolutionise hiring.

SpringRole Professional Networking

SpringRole is a blockchain-based professional networking site which seeks to re-distribute the benefits accruing to professional networks back to their participants.

White Rabbit Film Distribution

White Rabbit enables a content monetisation mechanism, secured by Blockchain security and transparency, for P2P streaming of film, television and other audio-visual output.

Zero Carbon Project Energy

The Zero Carbon Project is an initiative that is setting out to create a blockchain-based token economy that incentivises zero carbon emissions.

Trivver Advertising

An advertising platform for Extended Reality (XR) technology.

Cryptyk Cloud Solutions

Cryptyk is setting out to create a hybrid service of existing cloud solutions and blockchain technology to secure the cloud for both enterprise and individual clients.

Decentralised News Network Media

DNN, or Decentralized News Network, is a news platform, combining news creation with decentralized networks to deliver factual content, curated by its community. DNN uses the blockchain to distribute censorship- resistant and verifiable news, while ensuring accuracy and transparency through incentivization.

Yumerium Gaming

YUM is used in a gaming ecosystem as a way of rewarding user engagement and enabling the trading on in-game items.

Loyakk Enterprise Solutions

Loyakk transforms how companies collaborate and share data with partners, distributors, channel and vendors across the world - utilising blockchain-based Enterprise Application Software.

Payportal Payment services

Payment and remittances service aimed at the Indian market.

Open Source University Online Education

OS.University is the first decentralized Education 4.0 platform, providing learners with a digital credentials wallet, and enabling them to find the best academic and career development opportunities within academia and businesses via our new blockchain-based economy.

Smart Containers Logistics

Smart Containers is a pre-existing Swiss outfit with an established reputation as one of the leading players in the field of perishable foods and pharmaceuticals distribution. We are expanding our business to a blockchain-integrated solution that will provide end-to-end transparency and security in transportation for our own business and for others out there with similar business models.

IPCHAIN DataBase Intellectual Property

IPCHAIN Database provides optimal intellectual property solutions in a range of domains covering the arts, the hard sciences and industrial trade secrets. Leveraging Blockchain technology and various partnerships with international IP authorities and stakeholders, we aim to streamline Intellectual Property management.

Worldopoly Mobile Gaming

Worldopoly is the world’s first mobile game to combine Augmented Reality, Geopositioning, Blockchain and Artificial intelligence within an engaging economic simulation and strategic multiplayer game.

Blockshipping Logistics / Shipping

Blockshipping is a Danish company that is undertaking an ICO to part-finance a new initiative in global shipping logistics - GSCP, or the Global Shared Container Platform, conceived as a blockchain-based platform that will serve as the world's first globalised shipping container registery that will remove the inefficiencies in maritime transportation inherited from the pre-blockchain era.

CountingHouse Crypto-Fund Financial Trading

CountingHouse is a pre-established hedge fund business specialising in foreign exchange arbitrage. After a successful trial run of several crypto-trading strategies in 2017, we are now seeking to create a formal crypto-fund operation.

Essentia Data Security

A Dutch and Ukranian collaboration, Essentia is a consolidated, blockchain-based platform that is designed to offer streamlined services for managing online identities, assets and data.

FCFL Sports

FCFL - the Fan Controlled Football League, a new model for the sports world where fans collectively manage a team's tactics both on and off the field via the FCFL app, powered by the FAN token.

Opiria Personal data

The Opiria platform will create a decentralised marketplace for personal data. Consumers will be incentivised to share more information about themselves, and businesses will benefit from better data.

XYO Network Cloud-based Tracking

XYO is a blockchain-based platform that is seeking to create a proof-of-location protocol whose applications are potentially endless. Our token sale is an extension of our existing business,, which has rolled out over one million Bluetooth and GPS-based tracking mechanisms and devices.

Shivom Genomics

Shivom is a data marketplace for human genome data. Users upload their genome data onto our blockchain-based platform which they can then sell or share with consumers of that data - insurance companies, research laboratories, universities and others.

Pangea Governance

Bitnation’s Pangea is a protocol and jurisdiction that allows individuals to create and join decentralized, borderless voluntary nations on the basis of shared conventions, quality governance and agreed dispute resolution mechanisms.

DataBroker DAO Data Brokerage

A Dubai / Belgian project, DataBroker DAO is a blockchain-based data brokerage platform for IoT sensor data, allowing individuals and IoT manufacturers to monetise data whilst giving data processors an expanded source of data pools.

MobileBridge Brand Marketing

We are an existing business, now seeking to extend our business model onto the blockchain to create the world’s first cryptocurrency-based marketing and brand loyalty automated rewards platform.

JoyToken Gambling

JoyToken is a decentralised gaming platform. We provide an environment where gamers will be able to place bets on provably fair systems, gaming developers can gain a larger share in revenues and where online gambling platforms can guarantee trust in their brand.

OnLive Video Streaming

On.Live is a blockchain-based video streaming platform. We are planning to revolutionise traditional pay-to-view and pay-per-minute video streaming models and democratise media distribution.

Repux Data

RepuX is building a protocol that will allow organizations to sell anonymised data to developers. Those developers would use the data to train machine learning algorithms, and build applications that aid decision making. The platform would also act as a marketplace for those applications.


Current is a platform and protocol that rewards users for streaming media from the platforms they already use.

EQUI Venture Capital

Headed up by billionaire Doug Barrowman and his partner Baroness Michelle Mone, EQUI is a capital finance platform that marries investors to the most promising innovative new ventures in the technology field.

CoinMetro Financial Services

CoinMetro is a consolidated platform offering a cryptocurrency exchange, a trading platform, ETCF (Exchange Traded Crypto Funds), crypto banking, wallet management and an ICO launchpad service.

SyncFab Supply Chain Management

SyncFab, first established in 2013, operates as a supply chain manager, matching purchasers to sellers within the manufacturing arena. Our token sale intends to expand our existing business onto a blockchain platform that exploits decentralised smart-contracts for the next stage of our development.

MoonLite Crypto-Mining

MoonLite is a South African venture creating an Iceland-based crytpo-mining operation that will source its electricity from the country's abundant geothermal energy sources.

GBX Financial Services

The GBX ICO is a Gibraltar-based initiative that seeks to create the world's leading hub of blockchain innovation. Our platform will serve as an exchange for both utility tokens and tokenised securities whilst providing, amongst other things, an ICO launchpad and accompanying advisory services.

Helbiz Transportation

Helbiz is a blockchain-based platform that seeks to create sharing economy for transportation. Today, services such as Uber and Hailo levy large fees - our P2P model will eliminate those fees and allow users to monetize their driving data.

Bankera Banking

Bankera combines traditional banking services - payments, loans and savings, investment products - with new Blockchain-derived services. Conceived as an expansion to SpectroCoin.

Hoqu Marketing

A blockchain-based affiliate marketing solution that allows advertisers, affiliates and affiliate networks to collaborate in a more streamlined, transparent manner with dispute resolution mechanism.

BABB Banking

BABB - Bank Account Based on the Blockchain - is a British project that leverages a series of patent-pending innovations to offer both hyper-secure traditional and crypto-backed banking services.

DataWallet Data

DataWallet seeks to democratise the gathering, distribution and monetisation of online browsing habits. This will result in better quality information for data consumers as well as greater transparency for providers.

Fortknoxster Security

Fortknoxster serves up a single front-end dashboard that allows for various forms of encryption-protected services for file storage, email, chat, screen-sharing and more services besides.

WePower Energy

Wepower is conceived as both a trading and provision platform for renewable-sourced energies. Our long-term goal is to become the world's leading virtualized green energy hub.

Tigereum Financial Services

"Send crypto to friends and family in an instant message." A platform designed to piggy-back on familiar technologies in order to encourage Crypto mass adoption and offer a streamlined payments solution.

Jury.Online Dispute Resolution

A Blockchain-based escrow service for smart contract-brokered deals which engage two or more parties, underpinned by a dispute resolution mechanism as an alternative to traditional jurisprudence.