Sale Completed


Provided by Dadi project team. 

Does anybody else feel like there’s something wrong with the internet? It was conceived as a global, democratic communication network — a mesh of computers where information and power were equally distributed — but this principle is under attack from all sides.

Companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon are centralising control, while powerful lobbying groups are working to undermine net neutrality. We are facing a future where you are the customer — and the product — of a network controlled by only a handful of global corporations.

But what if we reversed this relationship? What if we collectively owned the network, while also being the beneficiaries of the revenue that comes from its use?

We intend to implement a radical overhaul of the cloud computing sector, by using cost-efficient fog computing organized by a DAO to provide web services for building digital products.

In stark contrast to other crowdsales, much of the technology of DADI already exists. It has been in active development for four years and the core web services are already live, powering some of the world’s most recognisable businesses.

The 18 strong DADI team is two thirds engineering. The senior team have been working together for 18 years.

DADI’s founders have invested c.$2 million in direct R&D to date. The business is financed through cash reinvested by the business and through short-term debt.