Sale Completed



  • A good Blockchain fit: proposition exploits Blockchain’s inherent properties of transparency and anonymity for data management
  • Currently appears as the leading competitor in the online personal data management space
  • High quality team with advisors from TenX and NuCypher
  • Token issue market cap comparatively modest


  • Whilst the concept appears solid, it is difficult to gauge at this stage the prospects for mass appeal 
  • The token reserve appears particularly high


Whilst currently a commercial operation, Datum has stated its ultimate intention is to create an online user privacy not-for-profit institution that will be community-managed at a later stage in its project cycle. 


The Datum project is driven by two core observations – user online behaviour and browsing habits at both individual and aggregate level are being leveraged by entities which monopolise and monetise that data for themselves. 

The foremost examples which come to mind are, of course, Google, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Hotmail etc – but the case applies to online browsing interaction across the board. The online public is largely unaware of the what, where, when and how in which their browsing habits are observed, stored and subsequently leveraged for commercial (or other) motivations. 

The Datum project seeks to create a Blockchain-based platform and associated suite of applications that allow users to both manage their own personal data and exercise control over what aspects of their digital behaviour are exposed to the outside world.

The Datum business model also proposes, however, the ability for users to expose this data to the outside world in return for payment from third-party services – it is this aspect of the Datum proposition that offers the prospect of attaching real, inherent value to its associated token, the DAT. 

Further details can be found in their white-paper which, whilst overly technical in parts – and perhaps necessarily so given the subject – outlines the various aspects in which their proposition allows for monetisation of the token. 

One interesting aspect to the project is that, long-term, the Datum Foundation claim that they will be looking to place control of the entity to ‘community management‘, an elected board. Details are still being finalised.