Sale Completed



  • Proposes a solution to a very real and pervasive problem which remains currently unaddressed
  • Token issue market cap comparatively modest


  • The internal token reserves appear high: 33% company-internal, 33% partners. 

Other Notes

Whilst Experty’s reserve appears high, this may be mitigated by a time-release vested reserve mechanism which releases payment to the team at intermittent stages over a period of three years. 


The Experty project is predicated on two basic observations. Firstly, consultations with experts are generally an expensive business. If you book a consultation with any specialist in pretty much any domain, it will likely be a costly engagement.

Secondly, very often you simply don’t need that one hour or one half-hour of consultation because, ultimately, your question(s) could simply be answered very often in a couple of minutes.

The proposition then is a platform where you can pick up the phone, meaning your IP voice app on your mobile, ask your question to a given expert and pay only for the three minutes – or whatever it may be – that were necessary for the call. 

As Experty themselves point out, there are very real barriers as to why no real solutions have yet come to market for something like this – payment through fiat, particularly transnational payments, invoke inflated fees from within traditional financial services which more or less wipe out the profitability for any business which would want to focus upon a model that incorporates more modest consultation fees.

Cryptocurrency technology, on the other hand, now removes that problem with frictionless, borderless currency transactions that cost next to nothing in relation to traditional fiat-equivalent transactions. A whole new world of possibilities now opens up for micro-consultancy and Experty are seeking both to create and lead that market.