Sale Completed

OVERVIEW – description provided by Gizer

Gizer – a global gaming network that brings together all aspects of the gaming community, from gamers themselves through to event hosts, venues and other products and services. 

Gizer will be the ecosystem that hosts tournament participants, viewers, service providers and brand name sponsors. Possession of the Gizer token, GZR, will give holders access to the latest advances in gaming offered by the Blockchain’s technological advances: transparency, integrity and accessibility.

Gamers will also leverage their token to create what we call the Gizer Global Gaming Identity, or GG ID, a profile created on the Gizer network which grants access to Gizer’s APIs, Oracles and other services. A GG ID consists of three specific components: a fully-customisable avatar, a corresponding gamertag and the gamer’s associated statistics.

Leveraging the Blockchain’s inherent immutability and crypto-graphic methods, these profiles will be rendered secure and transparent. 

GZR will also grant participants on the Gizer network the ability to engage in commerce, upgrade their profiles and access a range of other services as they build upon and expand upon their Gizer alter-ego.

ICO-Examiner Note: The GZR token issue will be distributed as follows: 70% general distribution, 15% held in reserve, 15% retained. ICO dates for both pre-sale and sale are estimates only due to an unorthodox approach to sale dates. Please consult the Gizer website for further details on these aspects.

There are two MVP links – one for iOS, one for Android.