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OVERVIEW – Description provided by HealthHeart

We are Blockchain-based EHR (Electronic Health Record) solution that strives to facilitate accessibility, transparency, security and multi-platforming of medical health records. 

Currently, healthcare is dominated by incidents of ransomware  and large-scale lawsuits for breach of patient privacy. This represents an obstacle for the viability and tenability of small-scale medical practices. We believe we have the solution – exploiting the Blockchain’s inherent properties of immutability, security and unhackability, we are proposing a decentralised application whose infrastructure, by its very nature, allows us to tackle the issues highlighted above. 

Exploiting the power of the Ethereum network, we will build a user-friendly interface that is both intuitive, functional and reliable. With its accompanying scalability and reduced costs, we will be aiming to bring to market a steadfast product that brings improvement both to patient care and the healthcare industry itself.