Human Discovery Platform

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OVERVIEW – description provided by Human Discovery Platform

The human species has accumulated a vast array of knowledge in relation to its own cognitive faculties, its decision-making processes, and how we communicate and interact as a species. 

We can statistically profile an individual’s predispositions to certain physical and meta-physical traits, and we can topologize his or her strengths and weaknesses using a variety of methods. 

However, in many areas where we have managed to make these kinds of profound breakthroughs that could bring benefit to humanity at large, in practice we are finding that this simply isn’t the case because there are high barriers to gaining access these benefits. 

Our aim is to render revolutionary methods in fields as diverse as medicine and psychology and others besides accessible to the masses through a single point of access – the Human Discovery Platform that will incentivize contributors to share their insights and breakthroughs to our platform that will in turn render that knowledge immutable and transparent – the very properties that the Blockchain was conceived for – in a manner that is more cost-accessible for the masses. 

We are the Human Discovery project and we invite you to read visit our website to find out more.