OVERVIEW – description provided by IMmune Coin

Immune Coin (IMC) is Ethereum-based, driven by Smart Contracts and as a result enjoys the decentralised advantages offered up by the Blockchain technology which underpins it. 

The general purpose of the IMC project is to create a platform from which a host of ground-breaking technologies – ranging from Big Data analytical approaches to Artificial Intelligence can be exploited to reduce the impact of failures and randomness pertaining to the scientific techniques employed for predicting the underlying behaviour of the human body’s ecosystem of antibodies.

Our ambition is to put in place a technological suite of products that facilitate and accelerate the development of effective pharmaceutical products.  These products will include:


This is an algorithm designed to search through protein structures in the search of existing, similar structures to the protein currently being researched by the lab. This is an important solution that takes on importance in the context of  predicting the functional behaviour of proteins. 


Distributed computing approach that seeks to leverage the aggregated computing power of participants in a network in order to solve a given problem handed down by our Big Data and AI teams. 


A trend-determination AI system designed to performed predictions levaraging output from DistCom@home. 


A digital drug design architecture that analyses molecular structures in search of complementarity in a bit to determine the efficiency or otherwise of how drugs and their molecular targets collaborate. 

(PS)2 Protein Structure Prediction Server

A third-generation technology involved in the analysis of monomeric proteins and protein complexes and whose power and efficiency adds to a suite of products which, in combination, offer a complete solution in protein-related pharmaceutical research.