Sale Completed

OVERVIEW – provided by Remechain

Remechain is conceived as an open marketplace that will operate through the use of Blockchain-based Smart Contracts which will handle the sale and logistics of delivery for the secondary metals market. 

It will be the first decentralised exchange of its kind. Current market practices are inefficient and expose buyers and sellers within this domain to vulnerabilities and bad faith actors. A Blockchain solution will allow us to eliminate many of these issues as trust is coded into the platform itself. 

As of writing, there are no known competitors competing to provide a similar solution.  With both a reduction in risk and in costs for buyers and sellers in the secondary metals markets, we believe that the ability of the platform to inspire mutual trust will allow it to expand rapidly, particularly among collaborators that engage in international transactions for which there is currently little to no transparency.  Please visit our site and/or read our white-paper to learn more on our proposition.