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OVERVIEW – description provided by Requitix

Requitix seeks to create a payment platform that eliminates the capacity for stakeholders in a transaction – retailers and consumers – to engage in fraudulent actions against their counter-party by exploiting the inherent properties of the Ethereum Blockchain which, combined with our in-house analytics solutions, will prevent scammers, spammers and chargebacks inflicting the kinds of costs that undermine the profitability within the e-commerce space.

Transaction fees will be axed from an average range of 3% to 9% with current payment houses down to just 0ne half of one percent with Requitix – unimaginably low fees in comparison to today’s current practices.

Our mission objectives are:

  • Streamline payments by exploiting the Ethereum network for its transparency and unhackability. 
  • Render payment processing times to a fraction of their current performance within traditional payment platforms.
  • Facilitate ease of access to a USD $10 trillion market.  
  • Expose online commerce to the exponentially growing services and products of the Ethereum network.
  • Propose a decentralised, secure payment solution underpinned by a trust platform with negligible fees. 
  • Upgrade consumer data protection mechanisms with the latest, secure crypto-graphic technologies.