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OVERVIEW – description provided by SWAPY

Swapy Network’s general mission is to create a platform which provides what we refer to as a mechanism for Universal Access to Credit.

In practice, our project is seeking to target three specific areas:

Firstly, we want to streamline money markets whose bureaucracy and administrative obstacles hinder communication and management of credit services, particularly in an international context. 

Secondly, we want to create a universal system of ID assignation for both individuals and organisations that will serve as an international standard within the credit arena. 

Thirdly, we want to empower individuals by giving them the ability to exercise control over their own credit data history and to provide them with options for both managing and monetising this data. 

Our ultimate remit is to democratise credit access, streamline credit services – particularly within an international context – and to empower end users within the credit industry. 

Please visit our website and read our white-paper for further information.