Sale Completed



  • Proposes a revolutionary new mechanism for micro-payments that could go viral
  • Resourced by a strong team of project leads with proven track record
  • Token issue market cap comparatively modest



  • The legal implications for such a technology appears unclear for some jurisdictions


Other Notes

Tigereum’s first day of sale, which occurs December 8, 2017 – check website for full details –  grants a 33% bonus to investors. Prior to the first day of sale, investors can reach out individually to the project team to negotiate individual terms. 


The Tigereum project has summed up its proposition succinctly with its marketing maxim: “Send crypto to friends and family in an instant message.

As pointed out within the Tiger white-paper, Crypto-currencies generally tend to appeal to technophiles and generally are considered to have a high entry barrier for everyone else.

Whilst there are a few Blockchain technologies currently in existence that are setting out to challenge this state of affairs, e.g. the Steemit website for which the Blockchain aspect is transparent to all users, not one has as yet managed to achieve the Holy Grail of cryptocurrencies – mass adoption. 

The prospects for mass adoption for a crypto-currency which finds itself embedded within a suite of familiar products – such as a chat platform as per the Tigereum proposition – may therefore represent the most promising approach for any crypto-currency which wants to take the entire crypto-ecosystem to the next level of conspicuousness in the public mind. 

And the crypto-currency which manages to achieve that will likely reap substantial benefits. 

The Race Is On

As Tigereum themselves point out, the concept of micro-payments from existing mass adoption platforms – Facebook, Snapchat and Whatsapp – is being actively pursued by these players and others. What is currently holding them all back is the organisational nightmare that arises from navigating the jurisdictional minefield of implementing a transnational payment mechanism. 

Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, still operate within what might be termed a legal grey area. This may just represent an opening for a Blockchain solution to get ahead of the game. As far as we are aware, Tigereum are the only competitors who have entered the arena. 

This may, of course, go both ways – crypto-currencies in general and ICOs in particular are becoming the object of increasing scrutiny by governments. Of course, this handicap applies to any ICO, not simply Tigereum – so all else being equal and these reservations being taken into account, they seem to be presenting a viable and promising concept that now simply requires first-rate execution to get ahead of traditional players and other cryptos.